Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

Free rtpMIDI Lets You Play Beautiful Music With Your iDevice and PC

rtpMIDI lets you control your PC's MIDI software and instruments using your Apple iPhone or iPad.


Building a Web Site That Won't Change Often? Consider Xara Web Designer MX

Intuitively and quickly create professional--but entirely static--Web pages with Xara Web Designer MX.

SiteSpinner Helps You Write "Some Website"

Create complex websites with SiteSpinner, an easy WYSIWYG design tool. No coding needed.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Helps You Build a Full Website

With a learning curve, WYSIWYG Web Builder can create eCommerce sites, CMS databases, and more.

Build Virtual Lego Constructions With LDraw

LDraw is a suite of free applications for designing and viewing LEGO models.

MAGIX Photo Manager MX Deluxe Organizes Your Photos...But May Not Be Your Best Option

Organize, edit, and present your image collection with nondestructive Photo Manager MX Deluxe from MAGIX.

Create Amazing Presentations With Impress.js

You can use Impress.js to create presentations that blow slide shows out of the water--if you can code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Make Distinctive QR Codes With QR Hacker

QR Hacker is a free Flash-based webapp for creating nice-looking QR barcodes.

Free Image Editor MAGIX Photo Designer 7 Gives You Pixel-by-Pixel Control

Add precision detail to your image editing with free Photo Designer 7.

Make Search Engines Love Your Site With This SEO Software

It's not enough to have a great product or service anymore. You also need a great website and to get noticed by search engines. We look at software that shows you the ins and outs of the almighty SEO.

Get the Best of Firefox 4 With Status-4-Evar

Restore some of the information lost in the name of Spartan interfaces with Status-4-Evar.

Add Slide Shows to WordPress Sites With SlideDeck

SlideDeck 2 for WordPress lets you create beautiful slide shows that pull in content from all over the web.

Organize Photos Fast With PicaJet FX

Easy, fast-working PicaJet FX makes photo filing less onerous.