Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

Review: Create stunning websites in minutes for free with Tackk

Anyone can create a beautiful website with Tackk, no coding or design skills needed. It's free and cross-platform, too.

Killing Comic Sans: 5 alternative fonts that protect your dignity

Comic Sans grabbed the collective imagination of millions of Windows users, and it's maintained that stranglehold for nearly a decade. It's time to help this chirpy standby go the way of the Macarena.

Review: Magix Page & Layout Designer includes advanced tools for beginner users

MAGIX Page & Layout Designer makes it easy to create custom materials using drag and drop simplicity, but this program feel too much like a repackage of a less expensive product.

Review: DK Au Revoir font will make you bid frumpy fonts "adieu"

DK Au Revoir is a handwritten font that has style and flair, with subliminal don't-mess-with-me undertones.

Review: Architect's Daughter font works with playful precision

Precise yet lighthearted, Architect's Daughter is a font that plays well at larger sizes.

Review: HVD Comic Serif is a wholesome hero of a font

Tough but charming, HVD Comic Serif makes Comic Sans look like a wimpy Silver Age bad guy. It's well-designed, and will work in any context for which it's appropriate.

Review: Lexia Readable is for readers of graphic novels, not funny books

Sans serif typeface Lexia is friendly, legible, and playful without being a kids' menu item. This strong typeface is suitable for older readers, if not for business reports.

Review: Laconic typeface is legible, lovely, and not to be taken lightly

Crisp and futuristic, Laconic is a quietly arresting typeface.

Review: SpeedyPainter boils painting down to its very basics

With a tiny download size, minimalistic interface and virtually no learning curve, SpeedyPainter makes it trivially easy to start painting with a pen tablet. It's lightweight and fun to use.

Review: Manga Studio 5 levels up with new tools and a fresh UI

Manga Studio 5 features new Photoshop and Painter-like coloring options and brushes with responsive drawing tools for creating art.

Review: Slicetige-G takes the pain out of designing your Google profile

Slicetige-G is a simple and lightweight program that can help you design an attractive cover image for your Google profile, complete with a sliced out profile picture, and other customizable extras.

Review: Poster isn't pretty, but it works

If you're looking for an inexpensive program that will help you create a simple poster or flyer, Poster will meet your needs, provided you can overlook its unattractive interface. If your needs are more sophisticated, though, this bare-bones tool is likely not the one for you.

Review: Poster Designer is fun and fast to use

Poster Designer is an attractive and easy-to-use tool for designing and printing posters. It lacks some of the refinements found on high-end business tools, but does offer plenty of fun for home users.