Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

Review: SmartDraw 2013 Helps You Go With The Flow

SmartDraw 2013 offers fast, neat, and automated solutions to creating diagrams. If you're not a Microsoft Suite user, or if you need to make complex graphics from scratch, you may be left frustrated.

Review: Painter Lite offers many of Corel Painter’s features for a fraction of the cost

Great for budding artists and hobbyists, Painter Lite lets you get creative with numerous brushes and effects. It's powerful and affordable, so the main investment you make is your time.

Review: Ashampoo Photo Converter 2 handles most basic image editing functions

If you work extensively with images, then you may have various software programs installed on your computer which all do different things. But what if you could bring your entire image editing functions under one roof?

Review: Picture Collage Maker helps you design and print calendars, cards, and more

Picture Collage Maker 3.7 is similar to an online photobook service, except it offers you more control when customizing your project. It's available in three different versions, from $30 for single-page artwork to $70 for commercial use.

Review: Tiresias fonts are clearly easy on the eye

Originally distributed to allow blind and partially sighted people better access to information, Tiresias is easy for humans and even machines to read.

Review: Gentium font speaks many languages

The idea behind the Gentium font is to provide diverse ethnic groups around the world with a digital resource to present their complex languages. Even without that lofty goal, the typeface itself is refined and modern, yet classically elegant.

Review: Aller Standard is a quirky, charming sans serif font

Originally created for the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Aller Standard Edition is free in three weights for small businesses. This sans serif font looks professional without being boring.

Review: Greenshot offers full-feature screen grabs for free

Greenshot is so easy to use, it will have you wondering why you'd ever pay for a screen capture utility.

Review: Museo Slab font conveys modernity without flightiness

Slab serif typeface Museo Slab looks up-to-date and rock-solid at the same time. The regular and Italic 500 versions are free, and many other weight are available for purchase.

Review: Jura font looks great big, but reads well small

Interesting enough for posters but legible enough for small print, Ed Merritt's donationware font Jura is great go-to font.

Review: SymmetryMill lets you turn any image into a beautiful repeating pattern

With its seventeen kaleidoscope lenses, SymmetryMill turns pattern creation into a fun, playful activity. A free demo version can help you decide if the full subscription fee is worth the $69 price.

Autumn harvest fonts add a crisp, cool breeze to your text

Autumn is a season to savor. Whether you prefer the bracing air outside or the scent of mulling spices inside, every font here deserves a placecard at your autumn design feast.

Review: Once Upon A Time font's brushwork enchants

Wispy and wistful, Once Upon a Time's calligraphic look works nicely for a few well-chosen words. The lack of punctuation makes it hard to make more formal statements.