Don't-Miss Health and Fitness Stories

Rapid review: Uno Noteband wearable

In this quick video review, Managing Editor Al Sacco goes hands-on with the Uno Noteband wearable notification monitor and fitness tracker.

Fitness watch faceoff: Fitbit Blaze vs. Fitbit Surge

Which Fitbit is a better all around fitness watch, Blaze or Surge? How does each option compare to the popular Apple Watch smartwatch? This hands-on video answers these questions and more.

How Gatorade is using wearable tech for a more customized sports drink

Gatorade is testing a specialized patch to collect data to personalize its formula for an individual athlete's needs. Caitlin got to try it out at SXSW.

Meet Muse, the headband that wants to teach you to meditate

(Results may vary if you're trying to meditate at a SXSW party, for crying out loud.)

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 RE smart shoes let you run without a fitness tracker

Runners who want data without messing with wrist-worn trackers will be thrilled to see these shoes break the mold, but don't break the bank.

HTC Under Armour Health Kit Review

The UA Band is a part of the UA HealthBox.

Fitbit Blaze is a full-blown smartwatch optimized for, well, fitness

It's not the same thing as an Apple Watch or Android Wear, but Fitbit has a reputation for getting fitness right.

Penn Jillette discusses the new $70 Withings Go activity tracker

Penn lost 100 pounds using Withings products, so he's happy to walk us through the company's most affordable fitness tracker.

Sensoria Smart Socks review: Run the other way

These sensor-laden socks and Bluetooth anklet struggle to live up to their $200 price tag.

Magellan Echo works fine but needs to do more

For the same price of this one-note smart running watch, you could get a Pebble that has a ton more features