Don't-Miss Lifestyle software Stories

App Invasion: Push for Pizza is the laziest food delivery app of all time

You push a button, and pizza shows up. It's like magic. Except for that it's actually just a pizza delivery service.

Duck Dynasty Beard Booth: If you like it, you should put a beard on it

Perfect for the Movember-ally challenged, this app lets you slap hairy visages on all your photos.

Review: Virtual Piggy makes e-commerce child's play

Virtual Piggy is a free service that allows children to shop online safely and securely. It's relatively easy to use, and allows for plenty of parent-child communication, but it's a bit buggy.

Review: Catalog your DVD & Blu-ray movie collection with My Movies

If you have hundreds or even thousands of DVDs or Blu-ray discs, you can't eyeball them easily. My Movies is easy-to-use desktop software which syncs with the My Movies website to provide you with your very own inventory.

Review: iCookbook turns your Windows 8 laptop or tablet into a gorgeous cookbook

iCookbook is a recipe search and display app for Windows 8 with lots of delicious photos. It's beautiful and well-organized, but you may need to build a few more minutes into your cooking time to convert quantities and so forth.

Review: DayScore lets you keep score on habits that really matter

Free web-app DayScore lets you track your habits and improve over time. However, it is rather simplistic.

Autumn harvest fonts add a crisp, cool breeze to your text

Autumn is a season to savor. Whether you prefer the bracing air outside or the scent of mulling spices inside, every font here deserves a placecard at your autumn design feast.

Five Free Fonts Welcome You to Summer Camp

Go back to a simpler time, when the scariest things were ghost stories and poison ivy. These five fonts will help you hear the cicadas again (without having to sleep on the ground).

Legacy Family Tree Stretches to Include Large Families...But It's Hard to Use

Catalog detailed information about your extended family with Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition.

Family Tree Builder Makes It Easy and Fun to Trace Your Lineage

Grow your family tree to include a wealth of detail with Family Tree Builder.

Form Productive Habits With These Handy Tools

We can harness technology (and friends) to help us stick to our goals even when the going gets tough, and to create personal breakthroughs. Here are some tools that can help.

on's Family Tree Maker Uses a Large Genealogical Database

Family Tree Maker 2012 uses's database to help you make a complete family tree.

Create Family Trees and Genograms with GenoPro

GenoPro excels at making genograms of relationships or medical history, but also regular family trees.

StickK Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Free Web service StickK holds you to your promises by putting real money on the line.

Sciral Consistency Keeps You on Top of Tasks Without Bossing You Around

Through the uniquely simple Sciral Consistency, you can manage your routines and repetitive tasks without rigid deadlines.