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Four Free Services to Help Plan Your Run

Sitting at a computer all day can keep you from exercising...unless you use one of these to design your run, bike ride, or workout. Go on, get moving.

Make Your Workout Social (And Maybe a Little Too Public) With Dailymile

Dailymile brings Twitter-like social networking features to the world of workout tracking.

Give Your Peepers a Break With Free EyeLeo

EyeLeo is a small utility that reminds you to rest your eyes and take a break now and then.

FriendFit Makes Working Out More Entertaining

FriendFit makes planning and tracking your workouts feel less like work and more like fun.

Track Your Running Route With MapMyRun

MapMyRun lets you plan, create, and log your workouts online or on a smartphone.

CES Preview: Best of Innovations Honorees

You could settle for the same old stuff, or you could opt for a mind-reading thermostat or a set of glass speakers. Here are some of the most eye-catching gadgets from this year's batch of Best of Innovations honorees.


Watch Your Garden Grow With MyGardenBytes

MyGardenBytes helps you track your hydroponic and conventional gardening seed stock, growth rates, and other decision-making data.

YoWindow Shows Your Weather on a Screensaver You Choose

Get weather updates and a dynamic screensaver with fun utility YoWindow.


This is a good app for political-news junkies, but better Twitter integration would be an improvement.


Smart Measure

We like the creativity and innovation behind this distance-measuring app, but it lacks accuracy and precision.



This app allows you to tether your Android phone and use its data connection to get your computer online.


Google Maps

Google Maps for Android is quite simply one of the most useful programs ever offered on any platform.


Epicurious Recipe App

Regrettably, this cooking-assistant app seems a little half-baked.