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Review: MultiPLX RSS reader offers powerful features and a few too many bugs

MultiPLX is a clean and powerful RSS reader that offers many unique features and is updated regularly with new ones. Its beta status makes is a bit of an adventure, but a worthwhile one.

SyndiFeed grid view screenshot

Review: SyndiFeed brings a personal touch to RSS reading, but needs more features

SyndiFeed is a very simple RSS reader with a limited number of features. Its pretty interface and responsive developer could make it a worthwhile Google Reader alternative.


Review: Transfer your website's RSS feed from Feedburner to FeedPress

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that Feedburner is next on Google's chopping block. Set up some insurance by redirecting your RSS feed to FeedPress.

Review: SubReddit Finder helps locate subreddits that interest you

Reddit has spawned thousands of subreddits, not all of which have obvious names. This website lists them in a visualization that shows the most popular subreddits in the biggest type.

Review: Browse images on Reddit faster with RedditPics

There are fascinating images hidden in the Pictures subreddit, but the format makes it hard to get to them. This website makes browsing Pictures a breeze.

Review: Reddit Enhancement Suite makes Reddit browsing easier and more pleasant

Bring Reddit's page design up to date with browser add-on Reddit Enhancement Suite. With it, you can browse faster and follow discussions more closely.

Review: Nextly brings together the best of RSS, social networks, and Web browsing

RSS is a convenient way to read your feeds, but more often than not, it truncates articles, forcing you to read on the actual website. Nextly skips that problem with grace, creating full-website streams that are easily browsable.

Review: NewsBlur is a worthy, powerful Google Reader replacement

Web-based RSS reader NewsBlur is one man's labor of love, but has features and polish that many established players could envy.

A week with Pulse: A Google Reader junkie's journey

A Google Reader addict looks for a substitute for the soon-to-be-vanquished RSS platform.


Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Desktop apps can be lumbering beasts, but bloated browsers can make Web apps just as problematic. The Pokki platform runs sprightly Web and mobile apps on your desktop, no browser required.

Review: Pulse app for Pokki brings the news to your desktop

With this Pokki app, you can use popular mobile reader Pulse on your PC desktop.

Review: Slick RSS Chrome works best as a second news reader

Slick RSS is not a front-end to an online feed reader, but a complete RSS client built into Google Chrome. Though it shows promise, this version doesn't dethrone Google Reader.

Review: creates your personalized online newspaper

Read Web content in a more traditional format with, which lets you build an online newspaper.