Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Combine Google Docs with Microsoft Office, Courtesy of SyncDocs

Syncdocs lets Microsoft Office on your desktop play nice with Google Docs in the cloud.

Make Gadgets for Your Desktop With Ashampoo Gadge It

Create your own standalone, sidebar, and desktop gadgets with handy--albeit limited--utility Ashampoo Gadge It.

Clipboard History Makes Light Work of Cutting and Pasting Chores

Store multiple items on the clipboard and recall them at will with small and useful utility Clipboard History.

First Look at Windows Azure

There's "the cloud" and then there's Windows Azure.

Power Up Microsoft Office With These Add-Ins

Why just work in Office when Office can work harder for you? These ten downloads cure several Office frustrations and improve your productivity.

Microsoft Lync 2010: Unified Communications Comes of Age

Every once in a very long while, I get to review a product that strikes me as a stepping stone toward the future. Microsoft Lync 2010 puts your PC at the center of communication.

Eight Free Windows 7 Tools You Should Try

These utilities can lead to a much more capable PC environment.

15 Best iPad Apps for Newbies

Here are 15 iPad apps you probably won't regret downloading and trying out, especially if you just picked up Apple's tablet for the first time.

10 Ways to Goof Off at Work Without Getting Caught

Here’s how to take a recreational break on company time--without the boss finding out.

Google Cloud Print Beta Is Limited but Evolving

Printing over the Web through the beta Google Cloud Print service is basically reliable, despite a few problems.


Most Mac Gems are Mac software, but I occasionally cover a Web service if it's especially useful, and today's Gem, NudgeMail, is just that. If, like me, your...

How the Cloud is Failing Mobile Workers

Smartphones and iPads are made for use in the cloud, but the business cloud apps are unusable for mobile workers.

Fast Fixes for Office Annoyances

Frustrated by Office irritations? Follow our quick tips for adjusting settings in Word, Outlook, and more.


Gentle Alarm

If you’re willing to spend a while getting to know the app, and you're careful in setting your wake-up times, this is a fantastic tool.

Google Voice: The iPhone User's Guide

Google Voice may not be a VoIP service or a way to call over a Wi-Fi or 3G data connection, but it does offer several ways to save time and effort.