Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Anything but PowerPoint: Five fresh presentation alternatives

Knock their socks off and seal the deal with presentation tools that give you new takes on the same old slides—from eye-catching imagery to data visualization that goes way, way beyond the pie chart.

Review: LibreOffice 4 liberates you from Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is a competitive alternative to Microsoft Office that is extensible, highly compatible, highly configurable, and free.

Out for a ride with Dragon's Driver Mode for Android

The Dragon Mobile Assistant app recently updated with a voice command mode. Jared Newman takes it for a drive to test Dragon's conversation skills.


Review: Dragon Notes lets you try out Nuance's speech recognition engine at low cost

Dragon Notes bills itself as a sticky-note app with voice recognition, but really, it's little more than a demo for Nuance's voice recognition prowess.

A week with Bloglovin': A Google Reader junkie's journey

A Google Reader junky's week-long test drive with RSS-reader, Bloglovin'. Does it have the chops? (Hint: no).


Review: SearchYourCloud offers easy searches, adds security

SearchYourCloud brings quick and relevant searches to cloud-based storage, and offers a security boost, too. At $25, it's pricey and it's not always easy to use, but will prove a worthy tool for business folks.

Free Google Drive tools you're not using (but should be)

Google Drive can do more than store stuff. Check out these tools for automatic backup, easy file sharing, collaboration, encryption, music, and more.

Review: Springpad serves as your virtual personal assistant

Springpad makes it easy to save, share, and organize your digital information. This free service lets you "spring" information from the Web, photos, notes, and more, and organize it into notebooks that you can share if you'd like.

Free Chrome extensions power up Gmail

From keyboard shortcuts to inbox managers, these handy Chrome extensions make a good email program even better.

Review: Master Gmail's Keyboard Shortcuts with KeyRocket

Offers quick reminders of the keyboard shortcuts that can turn you into a Gmail master.

The best to-do apps on Android

The five best to-do apps on Android that will help protect you from being overwhelmed.


Collaborate in real time with cross-platform mindmapper Coggle

Free webapp Coggle lets you quickly create simple mind maps, either on your own or with a distributed team.

Review: MindMup is a free, effortless way to create mind maps in moments

Without requiring any downloads, plug-ins, or even a user account, MindMup offers a super-quick way to create and share simple mind maps.

Review: Free Opener can open almost any type of file you can think of

Free Opener truly can open a large amount of formats, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, media, and code. Sadly, it can’t edit most of them.

Review: Krento is a productivity-boosting launcher and Start-menu replacement

Krento is a feature-rich launcher, widget manager, and Start-menu replacement that can launch any file, folder, program, or website you can think of.