Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Review: Krento is a productivity-boosting launcher and Start-menu replacement

Krento is a feature-rich launcher, widget manager, and Start-menu replacement that can launch any file, folder, program, or website you can think of.

Review: Synchronize any Windows folder on your PC with Dropbox, thanks to Dropbox Folder Sync

Dropbox is extremely popular and extremely useful for synchronizing your information between computers, but sometimes some data such as browser profiles are hard to sync. Dropbox Folder Sync is an app which allows you to set up such sync links easily and without moving anything from Windows Explorer.

Review: Page Four provides the tools writers need, without distractions

This straightforward writing program is designed to enhance productivity.

Review: Utopia Documents makes PDF articles easy to explore, not so much to read

Utopia Documents turns every article into a world of information, bringing every piece of relevant online information to your fingertips.

Review: CloudMagic lives inside Windows 8

CloudMagic's excellent search service is now available as a native app for Windows 8's still-often-called-Metro interface. It still delivers top-notch search results, but it's limited by Windows' own design.

Review: Pocket lets you shelve items to read and watch when the time is right

Formerly known as Read it Later, Pocket is a simple service that lets you save content you want to read or watch in the future. It works beautifully.

Review: MindView 5 makes mind maps first-class citizens in the Office ecosystem

MindView 5 uses the familiar Ribbon interface and makes it simple to create and format mind maps, but is very pricey compared to the competition.

Review: Swizzle sweeps out your inbox

This free service cleans up your inbox by sweeping marketing messages into a daily digest-style email. It makes it easy to unsubscribe from unwanted mail, but it also pushes you toward even more marketing email.

Power through Gmail with 21 time-saving tricks

Unearth Gmail's best-kept secrets to work faster, plow through your inbox, and put more controls at your fingertips.

Review: Autostarter X3 automates your regular computer operations with batch files

A lot of what we do on a computer is repetitive work that can be easily automated to save us time and effort. Autostarter X3 is an app that can set up batch files for pre-defined tasks such as opening browsers, starting apps, and opening Web pages.

Review: Folder Colorizer brightens up Explorer, may help navigation

If you are bored of the same old yellow folders in Explorer, then try colorizing them. The makeover may make it faster to find the folders you seek, too.

Master your tasks: The 10 best to-do list apps

Get more done in less time, and share tasks with your team. Here are the top to-do list and note-taking apps.

Review: Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets you take your hands off the keyboard

Despite a steep price tag and somewhat clunky extras, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium offers top-of-the-line speech recognition for speedy, accurate dictation. It feels like science fiction.