Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Review: Axon Idea Processor's awkward interface hinders its productivity-boosting goal

Axon Idea Processor is a complex product with many potential uses and some frustrating flaws. Though versatile and potentially powerful, its steep learning curve and many bugs require more patience than someone buying a time-saving product is likely to have.

Review: Greenshot offers full-feature screen grabs for free

Greenshot is so easy to use, it will have you wondering why you'd ever pay for a screen capture utility.

Review: MyShelf offers Evernote-like functionality, without the cloud

MyShelf may not be as pretty as Evernote, but it's a note-taking app that doesn't need the cloud.

End mind-numbing repetition with these 5 powerful PC automation tools

If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive computer work, you're doing it wrong. Working with software should be a joy, not an effort, and these tools can help you make it so.

Review: PhraseExpress 9 adds application-specific macro features

PhraseExpress is a text expansion/macro program that can be a great timesaver if used properly. Application-specific features are a major enhancement.

Review: SimpleMind Desktop lets you create attractive mind maps

SimpleMind Desktop is a straightforward mind-mapping application with solid mobile companion apps. Colorful and attractive, it's an excellent choice for the mind-mapper on the move .

Review: DayScore lets you keep score on habits that really matter

Free web-app DayScore lets you track your habits and improve over time. However, it is rather simplistic.

Review: Microsoft Office 2013 features new look, prices

Microsoft's refreshed productivity suite sports a major design overhaul and seamless cloud integration—at a higher price.

Review: CopyTrans Contacts frees your iOS contacts from your small screen

CopyTrans Contacts lets you manage your iOS contacts on the big screen of your PC. It works well, but we wish it cost less than $10.

Best Products of 2012: Business and Productivity

PCWorld's editors select the year's best products for getting work and business done.

Review: YWriter is a distraction-free, free-of-charge organizing tool for writers

YWriter is Scrivener sans glitz. This free program helps writers get their thoughts together and organized.

Review: ConceptDraw Mindmap helps businesses brainstorm, create, and present mind maps

ConceptDraw Mindmap is a business mind-mapping product that looks just like a part of Microsoft Office. It fits neatly into a team's workflow.

Review: Wieldy aims to help you get things done

Wieldy is a free task manager that works to help you get things done. Unfortunately, learning how to use it is a job in itself.