Don't-Miss Security software Stories


HDDerase.exe review: Freeware utility securely erases drives the old-fashioned way

This command-line utility is an oldie, but that's just because it doesn't need to change. If your drive's not in a frozen security state, it works like a charm to invoke the ATA secure erase command.


WinPatrol Plus stands guard over your PC

WinPatrol Plus has stood guard over Windows PCs for years. But the latest version understands that computer users don't need to be alerted to absolutely everything happening on their PC.

IDriveSync share

Review: IDriveSync secures cloud storage

IDriveSync is an easy-to-use cloud storage and syncing solution that offers added security missing from some of its rivals. It offers both AES 256-bit and private key encryption, which will appeal to anyone who's weary of weak cloud-based security.

Review: Dashlane is a robust password manager with a gorgeous interface

Dashlane is an powerful and flexible password manager for every level of experience that's also useful for form-filling, expense tracking, and more.

Review: Keeper keeps your passwords safe, but it can be pricey

Keeper can help you keep your passwords safe from prying eyes, and allows you to share them securely. But it's not as user-friendly as some of its rivals, and it can be expensive.

Review: Create very strong and secure passwords with the free PWGen

You need a different password--and a really good one--for every program, service, or site to fend off hackers and snoopers. PWGen will help you graduate from your pet's name to strong passwords.

Review: BoxCryptor encrypts data in the cloud

Leaving your files in the cloud doesn't feel all that secure. BoxCryptor adds encryption so you can use cloud storage and keep your peace of mind.

Review: SafeWallet makes password storage pretty easy

SafeWallet is a free program for storing passwords, logins, and other personal details. It's easy to use, reliable, and free of charge.

RoboForm's Start Page feature adds ease of use to this password manager

Manage your digital life—including passwords, profiles, and more—with this handy utility.

Review: Sticky Password Pro is a valuable tool for keeping passwords safe

Sticky Password makes it easy to store a different password for each site, as well as other data. Constantly updated and with many utility features, it's well worth the price.

Tools for the paranoid: 5 free security tools to protect your data

Whether we work with trade secrets or just prefer to keep our stock trades secret, we all have data that's invaluable to us--and valuable to online evildoers. PCWorld reveals five free tools for protecting passwords, browsing anonymously, and encrypting our most precious documents.

Review: OpenPuff steganography tool hides confidential data in plain sight

The ancient practice of steganography (hiding a message in something else) goes free and open-source with OpenPuff. This powerful utility lets you hide data in images, videos, and other files.

Review: Tor Browser Bundle lets you browse in anonymity

This browser bundle uses the Tor network to anonymize your internet explorations. Although it slows performance, it does protect you from prying eyes.