Don't-Miss Security software Stories


ZumoDrive for Android provides a decent set of features to extend the functionality of this online backup and file-sharing service, but it lacks features found in the desktop client and Web interface.

Yahoo! Toolbar

This browser add-on makes sense only--if at all--if your world rotates around Yahoo.

Blade Server Review: IBM BladeCenter H

IBM's blade system combines strong performance and solid features, but also lower density and higher cost.

Toucan Portable App Fits Backup and Sync Into a Small Package

Back up, sync, and encrypt with free and portable utility Toucan.


Back up, sync, and encrypt with this free and portable utility.

Eusing Free Internet Window Washer Erases Unwanted File and Browser Traces

Clear your tracks by washing away browser cookies, file open histories, and other private data with Eusing Free Internet Window Washer.

Free 7-Zip Does More than Windows' Built-In Tool

7-Zip provides advanced archive features like zip-and-mail and AES encryption, free-of-charge.

Cloudmark DesktopOne

Protect yourself against spam with this free plug-in for many e-mail clients.

AdblockIE Removes Ads from Internet Explorer 8

Block ads in IE 8 with the simple, no-frills AdblockIE.

Lightweight IE Commercial Remover Blocks Ads in Internet Explorer

IE Commercial Remover adds many ad sites to IE's restricted list with a single click--but we'd like a longer list.

Freebie AxCrypt Helps You Make Single Files More Secure

Encrypt individual files, turn them into executables, or remove all traces with AxCrypt.

Eusing Free Internet Window Washer

Clean the traces of Internet surfing.


Block ads in IE 8 with this simple, no-frills plug-in.