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Track Your Running Route With MapMyRun

MapMyRun lets you plan, create, and log your workouts online or on a smartphone.

Calculate Your Golf Handicap and Track Your Game With APT Golf

Keep track of multiple golfers and even teams with this golf database program APT Golf. It also calculates handicaps.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Integrates Social Network Uploads, but Lacks Strong Integration With Its Organizer App

Not a huge upgrade, but still an excellent video editor, especially for the price.


Fall's Most Promising Cameras

(Updated 8/19/2009) As the leaves change, so do your camera options. Are big-name manufacturers saving the best models of the year for last? Here are the camera announcements we're excited about this fall.


The Hottest Smartphones of Summer Battle It Out

We delved into four of the hottest phones available this summer--the Apple iPhone 3GS, the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre, and the T-Mobile myTouch 3G--to see how their hardware and software stacked up.