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Launch8 review: Add a dock to the Windows Start screen

Stardock's latest customization tool for Windows 8 doesn't fight the Start screen. It customizes it.

Five tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1

The OS upgrade fixes a lot of things, but the classic pop-up Start menu isn’t one of them. These utilities—four of them, free—can fill the gap. Whether you prefer a plain Start menu, a customizable one, or loads of extras, one of these programs can give you the Windows 8.1 you wanted in the first place.

Classic Shell 4.0 screenshot

Classic Shell 4.0 review: Free utility restores the full Start menu that Windows 8.1 didn't

Classic Shell adds the features back into Windows 8.0 and 8.1 that Microsoft took out. It also adds many useful enhancements to the Windows Explorer.