Don't-Miss OS & system enhancement software Stories

Review: Fences 2 makes desktop icons smarter, cleaner, and more useful

By letting you group your icons and quickly toggle them off when they're in the way, Fences 2 makes the desktop both nicer-looking and more useful.

Review: RetroUI tries to fix Windows 8's usability woes, but only makes them worse

Despite good intentions and an innovative proposition, RetroUI is slower and clunkier than the competition.

Review: Decor8 lets you customize the Windows 8 Start and lock screens

With Decor8, you can pick your own background images for the Start and lock screens on Windows 8.

Review: Start Menu 8 is a free Windows 8 Start Menu par excellence

If you're a Windows 8 user missing your Start Menu, this free replacement could be just the ticket.

Review: Multi Commander is a more powerful alternative to Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer has not changed very much over the years, so functionality is limited. Multi Commander tries to remedy this by offering more options.

Review: Customize and tweak your Windows 7 experience with Sunrise Seven

Sunrise Seven provides an easy way for both beginners and serious geeks to customize many aspects of the Windows 7 system.

Review: Classic Shell brings the Start menu to Windows 8 for free

Classic Shell's no-frills visual style and ample customization options make it easy to get the Start menu just the way you like it, even if you're using Windows 8. Blazing-fast live search, customizable Start buttons, and more – all for free.

Review: Switch lets you shut down any Windows computer remotely, even using Twitter

Switch makes it easy to shut down your computer remotely, whether it's from another computer on the same network, using a tweet, or according to a schedule.

Review: Pokki shows the Windows 8 that might have been

With a simple Start menu that pulls results in from the Web, painless installation of apps, and windows that don't take up your whole screen, Pokki offers a better way to enjoy Windows 8, and one that should serve as a lesson for Microsoft.

Three new features coming in Linux Mint 15

The Cinnamon 1.8 desktop, for instance, will feature fresh applets and desktop widgets.

Full Mountain Lion Review: Apple Gets its Operating Systems in Sync

Apple's goal isn't copying iOS with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, but integrating new features into both of its operating systems.

Chinese Zodiac Windows 7 Theme Is Appropriate All Year Long--Every Year

This free Windows 7 theme brings you face-to-face with the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Update Drivers Easily With Driver Reviver

This free utility rates the age of your drivers from 'old' to 'very old' to 'ancient.'