Don't-Miss OS & system enhancement software Stories

London Eye

Journey to London with this black-and-white Windows 7 theme.

Midtown Remake

Add a dreamy view of midtown Manhattan to your Windows 7 desktop.

Auslogics BoostSpeed

Improve your PC's performance with this optimization toolkit.

Auslogics Registry Defrag

Optimize the Windows Registry and speed up your computer.

Bandung Hardcore

On stage or on the field, this free display font plays best at full volume.

Deviant Art Christmas Theme

This free Christmas Windows 7 theme has plenty of personality.

En Origami

Sharps folds and dynamic turns make En Origami a very crafty font.

Google CR-48: First Look at the First Chrome OS Laptop

Google’s prototype Chrome OS computer delivers little more than the company’s browser in a box.


Quirky Font Romance Fatal Serif Echoes Tim Burton's Aesthetics

Underneath its flirty appearance, Romance Fatal Serif hides powerful type styling.

Google CR-48: Unboxed and Started Up

Curious about the first laptop to run Chrome OS? We got one today and we'll show you in video what it looks like.


Windows 7 Christmas Theme

Get your desktop ready for Christmas with this stylish and tasteful Windows 7 theme.

Romance Fatal Serif

Underneath its flirty appearance, this TrueType font hides powerful type styling.


Retro styling makes this Disney-style font perfect for any trip down memory lane.