Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Review: SuperSync merges iTunes libraries and more

SuperSync will sync all the iTunes libraries from your various devices and PCs as well as perform maintenance tricks like delete duplicates.

Review: LiveDrive offers new Windows 8 App

LiveDrive is now offering a native Windows 8 app for its online backup and file sharing service. The service is pricey, but unlimited storage is sweet.

Review: BestCrypt lives up to its name with excellent features

The best is expensive, but your money buys you a classy complete security solution in BestCrypt. Most end-users, however, will do fine with freebies such as TrueCrypt.

Review: StartMenuPlus8 is just another utility to give Windows 8 a Start Menu

If you're looking to restore the missing Start Menu to Windows 8, StartMenuPlus 8 is a functional equivalent that has more features—though it's not as pretty.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum rocks as utility for DVD backup

Back up your DVDs, including commercial movies, and convert them to various mobile formats with this easy-to-use offering.

Review: Directory Opus Light is heavy enough for most purposes

Directory Opus adds a “Light” version that is very feature-rich. At less than half the cost of the Pro version, it's worth a look for anyone who wants a better File Explorer.

Review: Take Command 14 command line utility is easier to use than PowerShell

For serious work in the console, few utilities (if any) can match the prowess of Take Command. If you use the command line regularly, it's a good investment.

Review: Luxmark measures OpenCL graphics performance

Don't let your gaming card loaf around anymore. Give it an OpenCL education, complete with a final grade.

Review: Kombustor shows how much your graphics hardware can take

Kombustor's burn-in and benchmark tests push GPU hardware to the limit. Based on a famous stress-test, this free utility will show you the limits of your graphics hardware.

Review: Android Injector makes APK as easy as ABC

Android Injector may seem geeky at first, but this free Windows app offers an easy way to transfer APK files from your desktop to your Android device.

Review: Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 is a powerful burning and multimedia suite

Ashampoo Burning Studio 12 handles all types of optical burning chores including BD movies. It's also easy to use, easy on the eye, and relatively affordable.

Review: Pipy is a simple, unremarkable keyboard-based launcher for Windows

Pipy offers a quick way to launch programs and search for files and Web pages, but it's not unique.

Review: Chocolatey offers easy software installation and updating

Command-line utility Chocolatey lets you quickly download and install other applications.