Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Review: Active@ Boot Disk 7 is a jack-of-all-trades repair and imaging utility

This super-handy, Windows-environment boot disk is great for backup, recovery, and repair. You can even change passwords with it.

Review: Connectify Dispatch combines network adapters to increase speed and reliability

Connectify Dispatch makes the most of nearby WiFi, but be prepared to make the investment.

Review: Disc Soft takes on virtual hard drives with Daemon Tools Ultra

Daemon Tools Ultra does a fair job expanding the functionality of Disc Soft's flagship product, but the high price and sleazy installation antics don't do it any favors.

Review: Wappwolf automatically converts and syncs your files

Productivity and automation are the two big buzzwords when it comes to efficient computer use. Wappwolf offers both by automatically converting and syncing files which are placed in a pre-defined folder.

Review: FatBatt keeps you off the grid longer, for a fee

FatBatt impresses with personality and a smart, slick interface…but other packages do more for less. The clever company that makes this software is one to watch.

Review: Futuremark looks beyond the PC with new 3DMark

3DMark returns to form with slick new tests, beautiful demo modes and promised cross-platform support, but loses a bit of depth along the way.

Review: Hide your programs from prying eyes with WinLock

Everyone knows that to lock a Windows PC, you use the WIN + L key combination. However, what if you want to only lock a window?

Review: Find out what's taking up space on your drive in seconds with WizTree

Using some NTFS wizardry, WizTree maps out what's taking space on your drive in mere seconds.

Crisp up your desktop with a window manager utility

Too many open windows, and suddenly your desktop's a disaster. We review five programs that can organize your windows in a snap.

Review: R-Drive Image backs up anything

A svelte and super capable imaging program with very reliable performance.

Review: Free Clipboard Help+Spell adds a lot of power to your clipboard

With powerful search/replace features, a configurable clip stack, and formatting presets, Clipboard Help+Spell manages to stand out in the crowded market of clipboard enhancement tools.

Review: Sublime Text 2 is a refined text editor that's a pleasure to use

With its custom interface and text-editor sensibilities, Sublime Text 2 offers a polished editing experience that rewards familiarity with comfort and speed.

Review: WinZip for Windows 8 is what you'd expect from a Modern app

WinZip for Windows 8 finds itself in the uncomfortable position of being shoehorned the Modern interface, and the result isn't pretty.