Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Review: Krento is a productivity-boosting launcher and Start-menu replacement

Krento is a feature-rich launcher, widget manager, and Start-menu replacement that can launch any file, folder, program, or website you can think of.

Review: Quick View Plus lets you read nearly any business file

If you want to broaden Windows' preview capabilities, try this this file-viewing utility. It integrates into Explorer and supports over 300 file types, including many you may no longer own the software for.

Review: Process Hacker is task manager on steroids

Process Hacker provides information on running processes, system resource use, and so on, with many options for customization... and it's free.

Review: IsoBuster recovers files from just about anything

Isobuster's name is only a partial clue to its functionality. It opens and extracts files from images files, but it also recovers data from any type of media.

Review: SyncUp syncs data whether you're logged on or not

SyncUp is easy to use, but has nearly all the sync features you need. Online backup, however, is limited to Google Drive.

Review: BleachBit offers free, comprehensive disk cleaning and privacy protection

BleachBit isn't as polished as some of its commercial rivals, but for business users on a budget, it gets the job done.

Review: PC Booster 2013 may speed up slow PCs

PC Booster is not going to cure everything that ails your PC, but it can give you a good idea of its overall health.

Review: Skitch lets you visually highlight images to help your point

Skitch ties in tightly with its parent, Evernote, but can also be installed on its own. It's great for quickly marking up images and screenshots and sharing with friends, colleagues, or customers.

Review: PerfectRegistry aims to speed up your PC

PerfectRegistry is an inexpensive program that's designed to speed up your PC by optimizing your registry. It's not a perfect fix for all PCs, but it does offer some useful tools.

Supercharge your laptop with 6 powerful utilities

No laptop load-out is complete without these handy software tools for expanding screen real estate, collecting battery data, creating hotspots, and more.

Review: Get software directly from the vendor with a single click with DDownloads

DDownloads helps you download popular programs straight from the source. It's free, and for the programs on its list, it works well.

Review: Dexpot makes virtual desktops feel like a native part of Windows

With modular plugins and a wealth of settings, Dexpot lets you ease into the world of virtual desktops and tune things so they're just right.

Review: Razer Game Booster shuts down processes that distract your PC from your game

Iobit's Razer Game Booster examines your operating environment and selectively shuts down services and programs not directly related to the game you're playing. The result is a noticeable increase in responsiveness and framerate performance.