Don't-Miss Video software Stories

Clipta Toolbar

Save online videos to your hard drive with a Firefox toolbar.


Turn a series of photographs into "Ken Burns"-esque, documentary style photo montage videos.


Organize and document your movie collection with this easy-to-use freebie.

PlayClaw Captures Your Finest Game Moments

PlayClaw lets you record your online triumphs and tragedies for the world to applaud.


Dominant media-downloading and management program makes listening and watching--not to mention buying--a pleasure.

Watch Online Videos at Your Own Pace With MySpeed

With MySpeed, you can slow down or speed up videos as you watch on sites such as YouTube.


Slow down or speed up videos as you watch on sites such as YouTube.

Download and Enjoy Web Video With Miro

A video feed aggregator and recorder with a grassroots bent, Miro also lets you search the major video sites from one program.

Convert Almost Any Video--Even HD--With Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate handles a slew of formats, converts in batches, and produces nice quality.

TubeMaster Captures Streaming Video Files

Save streaming media files to your PC with freebie TubeMaster.

Watch YouTube Without a Browser, Thanks to DeskTube

Use DeskTube to post, watch, and comment on videos--without opening a browser.


Edit previously-recorded videos into movies with this easy to use and free application.


Save streaming media files to your PC.