Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

Review: Adobe Dreamweaver CC makes CSS more visual, less coder-friendly

Adobe Dreamweaver CC debuts with weak cloud features and an overstuffed interface, but it still leads in Web design innovation.

Alto Mail beta screenshot

Review: Alto mail organizer sorts your email like a pro

AOL's Alto Mail sorts your email into boxes and lets you put important-but-not-urgent messages on snooze. It didn't take me long to get into the private beta, and it's worth getting in line for it.

Review: Sketch on Skype with whiteboard add-on IDroo

Skype's great for chatting, but it could be more collaborative. With the IDroo whiteboard add-on, you can communicate visually.

Five free Reddit tools cut through the clutter

Try these to organize, filter, and make sense of Reddit's content.

Review: Hover Zoom expands images without extra clicking

Hover Zoom is probably one of the best and most useful browser plugins in existence...provided you use the Chrome browser, as it is not available for anything else. It allows you to move your mouse over a small picture and instantly magnify it, without clicking or opening anything.

Clownfish for Skype

Review: Clownfish for Skype translates as you type

The Clownfish for Skype add-on translates to and from over 50 languages as you type. It's not perfect, but it's convenient and gives you the gist of what's said.

Review: Mailstrom puts you in control of your email

Mailstrom analyzes your inbox to show you what you need to clean up, and offers some useful tools to help you do so. It's Web-based and works on any IMAP account.

Review: G-Recorder backs up Skype convos to Gmail

In Skype, backing up is hard to do. G-Recorder not only backs up your chats, it backs them up to Gmail.

Review: Nextly brings together the best of RSS, social networks, and Web browsing

RSS is a convenient way to read your feeds, but more often than not, it truncates articles, forcing you to read on the actual website. Nextly skips that problem with grace, creating full-website streams that are easily browsable.

Review: SproutSocial, a social management dashboard you'll truly enjoy using

SproutSocial is a beautiful social dashboard full of useful features that is not cheap to use, but is bound to change the way you manage your social media and branding.

Review: Inky is a half-baked yet delicious email client for your PC desktop

Inky is a different take on desktop email clients, with multiple-user support, sophisticated sorting capabilities, and a flexible interface. It still has some bugs to smooth out.

Review: Glipho makes blogging social

Glipho aims to become a "social publishing engine" for bloggers. It's neatly organized and easy to use, but right now, at least, Glipho's social reach is limited by the size of its own social network.

A week with Bloglovin': A Google Reader junkie's journey

A Google Reader junky's week-long test drive with RSS-reader, Bloglovin'. Does it have the chops? (Hint: no).


Review: Open Drive turns cloud storage services into one big file sharing network

Sharing files on Google Drive is easy, but finding other people's files is not. Chrome Open Drive searches not only Google Drive, but Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and SkyDrive.

Review: Create a professional online portfolio in minutes with lacks themes and visual customization options, but lets you put up an elegant page showcasing your work in a cinch.