Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

Make Web Apps More Manageable With Minimalist for Everything

Minimalist for Everything lets you easily toggle off annoying interface elements in Gmail and Google Reader.

Ham Up Your Video Conversations With Messenger Plus! for Skype

Messenger Plus adds fun animations and video effects to your Skype conversations.

Get the Best of Firefox 4 With Status-4-Evar

Restore some of the information lost in the name of Spartan interfaces with Status-4-Evar.

Add Slide Shows to WordPress Sites With SlideDeck

SlideDeck 2 for WordPress lets you create beautiful slide shows that pull in content from all over the web.

Analyze Keywords for Search Engine Ranking With Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker lets you plot your search engine rankings over time.

Improve Search Engine Rank With Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is a cross-platform application for monitoring and improving your website's search rankings.

Can't Decide What Search Engine Keywords to Pursue? Ask Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a suite of tools for finding search terms worth ranking for.

Private WiFi Protects Sensitive Data--For a Price

Protect your Wi-Fi communications with personal VPN service Private WiFi.

Create a Website Easily With Wix (Even the Free Version)

Wix is a powerful online service for creating and hosting websites.

Send Big Files by Email--Without Clogging Your Email--With ForgetBox

ForgetBox makes it easy to share even the biggest files and email attachments.

Send Big Ol' Files With WinZip's Free ZipSend Lite

ZipSend leverages the power of WinZip's compression software to speed up the sending of large email attachments.

Build a Story Out of Your Web Wanderings With Storify

Turn your favorite Web and social media content into a story with Storify.

MojoMotor: Easy-to-Use Website Content Management System

MojoMotor is a simple and affordable content management system for small websites.