Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

Need Affiliate Marketers for a Web Site? Consider Designing With XSite Pro

XSite Pro is a WYSIWYG website creation tool with features for affiliate marketers.

Email Encryption Made Free and Easy With Enlocked

Enlocked is a free service that takes the confusion out of email encryption.

Find the Tweets You Want to Read With PostPost

PostPost cuts through the clutter on Twitter, bringing you topics, links, photos, and videos that are personally relevant to you.

Firefox Add-on Pentadactyl Lets You Browse Mouse-Free

Based on the Vim interface, Pentadactyl for Firefox lets you browse the Web without a mouse.

Roll Your Own Wiki With Open Source MoinMoin

MoinMoin is a powerful open source wiki with an optional desktop mode.

First Look at Firefox 11 Browser

No earth-shaking changes, but Mozilla's minor Firefox upgrades could add up.

Identify Twitter Trends With Quantum Leap Buzz's Pattern-Based Analytics

Quantum Leap Buzz lets you dig deeper on Twitter to find out what all the buzz is about.

Keep Kids Safe Online--And on Mobile Phones--With uKnowKids can be expensive, but this service offers plenty of tools for keeping your kids safe.

Seesmic Desktop Manages More Social Networks Than You Knew Existed

Seesmic Desktop 2 offers a host of tools for managing many, many social media accounts.

Find New Favorite Books With Goodreads

Goodreads uses a powerful recommendation engine to help you find books you'll like.

Shelfari Recommends Books, Gives Huge Amount of Detail About THem

Like a Wikipedia just for book readers, Shelfari lets you find and discuss books.

Imo Instant Messenger Delivers More Features in a Thin Slice of Screen Space

Imo's Web messenger offers useful ways to connect with your contacts across multiple messaging services.

Web Link Captor Turns Your Search Results Into a List of Links for Pasting

Web Link Captor takes a list of items, searches for them, and returns a formatted list of links with results.