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Feedly Laptop

A week with Feedly: A Google Reader junkie's journey

After an extended test drive, a longtime Reader addict finds Feedly to be a more-than-serviceable replacement.


RoboForm's Start Page feature adds ease of use to this password manager

Manage your digital life—including passwords, profiles, and more—with this handy utility.

Review: Freemake Video Downloader grabs any video with a URL

This standalone utility will download any video you can grab a URL for, and it can download directly from YouTube.

Review: Free Video Call Recorder for Skype records unlimited video and audio for free

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is a simple yet effective utility that makes it easy to record both audio and video Skype calls.

Review: Dooble enters the crowded field of alternative browsers

Dooble has some nice ideas and is fast, but needs further development to be a day-to-day browser. With more polish, it could be excellent, especially with its default security settings.

Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Desktop apps can be lumbering beasts, but bloated browsers can make Web apps just as problematic. The Pokki platform runs sprightly Web and mobile apps on your desktop, no browser required.

Review: iSpy lets you monitor and record multiple webcams and IP cameras for free

iSpy makes it easy to connect your computer to multiple cameras and microphones, specify their locations, and selectively record activity.

Review: Pocket lets you shelve items to read and watch when the time is right

Formerly known as Read it Later, Pocket is a simple service that lets you save content you want to read or watch in the future. It works beautifully.

Review: Gmail Lite brings Gmail to your desktop via Pokki

Gmail Lite is an incredibly lightweight Gmail client that takes email out of your browser and brings it to your desktop. It runs on the Pokki platform.

Review: IFTTT connects social media, photo and other Web services

IFTTT is a free service that lets you connect your social media, photo and other Web services to each other. Luckily, it's far easier to use than it is to explain. Or spell.

Review: Postbox is a slick, affordable desktop email client that plays nice with Gmail

Built on the solid foundation of Thunderbird, Postbox proves a desktop email client can still be relevant today. With threaded conversations and instant filters, it makes even large email workloads manageable.

Review: CloudMagic's personalized Web search service grows up

CloudMagic's search service now has the ability to integrate personal search result's with Google's global Web searches. It's more useful than ever, but that comes at a price, as the company is now charging $5 per month for a Pro account.

Review: Tor Browser Bundle lets you browse in anonymity

This browser bundle uses the Tor network to anonymize your internet explorations. Although it slows performance, it does protect you from prying eyes.