Don't-Miss Software Stories

Flixlab Provides Fast, Simple Video Editing on Your Phone

Got video clips that never make it off your cell? Flixlab will put them together into a short movie you can share.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

A free registry repair software to safely scan and fix registry problems.

mSpot Music Streams Your Favorite Tunes Directly to Your Android Phone

mSpot Music is one of the best music-streaming apps available for Android.


Create Your Own Portable Server With PAW Server for Android

This amazing app turns your Android device into a password-protected Web server, so you can control your phone and access files from it remotely via a desktop Web browser.


PC Tune-Up

PC Tune-Up Are you frustrated every time you have to reboot your PC? You are not alone. Most people dont know that these annoying issues can actually be fixed with the click of a button. PC Tune-Up brings your computer back to life by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, & impact the overall health of your computer. A perfect tool for novice users & experts alike, PC Tune-Up will improve your computers speed and reliability. Breathes life into your computer PC Tune-Up will walk you through four easy steps to clean your PC, optimize your settings, and keep it running smoothly. Plus, our exclusive Magic Button will do all the work for you with one single click. Speeds up your computer Now you dont have to worry about your computer freezing! Forget about rebooting your PC to get it running smoothly again. PC Tune-Up will have your computer running smoothly with just the click of your mouse. Makes a quick backup of your system For your protection and convenience, PC Tune-Up will do a complete backup of your files and provide a restore point to undo any changes. Scans your computer for errors and bad files The scan provides a list of errors with brief descriptions and recommended fixes. All you have to do is accept the recommended updates. Plus, PC Tune-Up gives you scanning options: do a quick scan of your main files or a smart scan of all your drives. Clears the clutter to increase space on your hard drive Over time, your PC becomes bogged down with unnecessary files that can slow your computer. PC Tune-Up safely removes these files from your computer. Includes bonus security tools Protect your computer and personal information from malicious programs that can be used to share information between different applications. Try PC Tune-Up now and put the days of slow computers that constantly crash behind you.

Browse the Web Privately With the ND Private Browser

This bare-bones, text-only app works with the Tor network to provide private, anonymous Web browsing.


ROM Manager Helps You Take Control of Your Rooted Android Phone

Easily back up and install custom ROMs on your rooted Android device.


Rendezvous App Review: A Must-Have for Meetup Fanatics

View and manage your Meetup Group events.


Viewdle SocialCamera Review: Turn Your Android Phone Into Facebook Camera

SocialCamera makes tagging and sharing your photos on Facebook a snap, but the beta app still has a few quirks to work out.


LinkedIn Android App Won't Make You Feel Left Out

Browse and connect with your professional network, and send messages and status updates with this simple app.


Stop Android Malware With AVG Anti-Virus Free

Protect your phone from malware, back up your data, or track and remote-wipe your handset if you lose it.


Customize Your Android Smartphone With ADW Launcher

This home-screen replacement lets you customize your home screen and app launchers.


Make a Bang With Splode on Android

Splode is addictive fun, but it can get repetitive after a while.