Don't-Miss Software Stories

Pump Up Your Jams With PowerAMP for Android

For audiophiles who want to use obscure formats, it’s a must-have.


Google Reader for Android Helps You Keep Up With RSS Feeds

If you already use Google Reader, grabbing this app is a no-brainer. In fact, in some ways it’s better than its Web-based sibling.


Hang On to Your Marbles: Bonsai Blast for Android Is Hours of Fun

Move over, Zuma. Bonsai Blast is an addictive puzzle/action game.


Amazon MP3 for Android Is A Great iTunes Alternative

While streaming has its hiccups, as a music player and store Amazon MP3 really shines.


6 Sensational Storage Essentials

These six free downloads will help you meet your storage needs and make backup painless.

Best Free Stuff 2011 (Alphabetical List)

Here's a list of all of the apps described in our Best Free Stuff package, in alphabetical order.


Best Free Stuff for Your PC (and Mobile Devices)

Here are 68 amazing Web tools, desktop downloads, and mobile apps to help you speed up your PC, share files and photos, fend off malware, entertain your brain, and more.


Android Apps: 9 Best, Free Social Networking Choices

Share, save and savor all things social with these nine free Google Android apps, hand-picked by's mobile maestro, Al Sacco.


Identity Finder Home Edition

Helps you prevent identity theft by automatically finding private information on your PC and prompting you to securely delete or encrypt the uncovered data. Uses proprietary search algorithms so you don't have to provide any personal information.

AJC Active Backup

Automatically backs up files you change on your PC immediately and keeps multiple revisions for unlimited undo.


WhiteSmoke's innovative software is the first-ever instant, full-text analysis solution, providing context-related language enrichment. Upgrade your writing by adding context-related words Replace words using a smart thesaurus Check spelling with our comprehensive dictionaries Verify grammar in your text Works on all applications

Learn Your Rights With the United States Constitution App

No matter what your political affiliation, this app will inform you with a greater knowledge of the foundations of United States law and government.


Identify Birds With iBird Pro for Android

This detailed, multimedia field guide covers more than 900 species of North American birds with illustrations, photos, and song clips.