Don't-Miss Software Stories

Keep Annoying Calls at Bay With Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup is your tool for dealing with unwanted calls.


Keep Your Math Skills Sharp With Math Scramble

This game is great for people who love math, but it can quickly get repetitive.


Be Creative Everywhere With Sketchbook Express

Turn your downtime into doodle time with this entertaining paint program.


SF Weather Helps Locals Keep on Top of Area Weather

For anyone living in San Francisco, SF Weather is the best way to find out about the regional climate.


Android News App Is Great for Keeping Up With All Things Android

Although the design is sparse, the Android News app is anything but when it comes to providing information about developments for Android phones.


MyTumblr Lets You Manage Your Tumblr From Your Phone

MyTumblr is a terrific app that holds its own against the official Tumblr Android app.


Manage Google Storage With Free CloudBerry Explorer

Manage Google Storage with a full-featured standalone client.

Decode and Create Your Own QR Codes With QR Droid

Read and generate QR codes for products, URLs, vCards, phone numbers, calendar events, and more with this fun and useful app.


Opera 11

Version 11 of Opera Software's proudly independent browser has a few of the gently oddball developments that made its predecessors stand out from the pack. But...

ThinkFree Office Mobile Helps You Get Work Done on the Go

This office suite has nice features such as cloud storage and document collaboration, but it also suffers from some significant shortcomings.


Prepare Your PC for Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year traditions call for cleaning house, wearing new clothes, and feasting with family...and your PC would like to join the celebration.

Habits Can Help Keep Your Resolutions on Track

Train yourself to develop new and beneficial behaviors with this habit-tracking tool.

Take Better Notes With Springpad for Android

This Web-based note-taking service is great on the desktop, but the Android version doesn't perform as well.


Amic Email Backup

Handy, very easy to use software tool for Microsoft Windows based PCs designed to create and restore backup copies of your email database. Amic Email Backup can save emails, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures to a single, compact, compressed backup file that can be easily restored when necessary. Dont lose your valuable email database, backup with this easy to use tool. Be prepared for viruses or hard drive crashes. This is where Amic Email Backup comes to the rescue, it allows the home and small business computer user to save the email folders and settings easily, either manually or with the easy to use wizard, and it can scheduled so you dont have to remember do it. This eliminates the need for an unnecessary, complex and expensive complete backup software. The software is easy to use, and has two working modes, a Wizard mode and a standard mode. The Schedule feature allows you to backup the email database daily, weekly or at any chosen time period. The email database can be saved on one computer and restored to another, thus making Amic Email Backup not just a backup utility but also a synchronization tool. Unlike other email backup utilities Amic Email Backup works with the top 9 popular Email Clients such as MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, IncrediMail and PocoMail.


Tool for structured organizing information about any files on any media