Don't-Miss Software Stories

Droid TV Lets You Watch Your Favorite Shows On Your Phone

Download and watch episodes of selected popular TV shows with this entertainment app.


Learn About the Mysteries of the Body With Pocket Atlas of Anatomy (Trial)

This comprehensive human anatomy reference app contains a lot of information, but it's poorly formatted for small screens.


Soccer Superstars: A Great Soccer Experience on Android

Soccer Superstars strikes the right balance between depth and casual fun to appeal to anyone who is a fan of the sport.


Expand Your Lexicon With the Oxford Dictionary of English

The Oxford Dictionary of English app contains more information about the English language than anything else you're likely to find on the Android platform.


Password Manager

From online banking and multiple email addresses, the digital age we live in requires us to use and recall countless usernames and passwords, often impossible to track and remember. However with Large Softwares Password Manager, the latest technology has been applied to eliminate the risk and stress by safely managing your confidential login information for you. No longer will you feel the need to use the same user name and password across multiple websites, risking your personal data and identity, just to rid the overwhelming task of memorizing multiple log ins. Password Manager does the work for you. Large Softwares Password Manager is a cutting-edge desktop application designed to protect your personal user names and passwords with intelligent form filling technology and to grant you peace of mind. Compatible and reliable, Password Manager operates with ALL programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so your log in information is always secure and fits to your computer lifestyle. Unlike no other software on the market, see the other benefits Password Manager offers: Password Manager remembers user names and passwords for ANY web page or application. Password Manager prevents password theft. Passwords that are automatically stored by Internet Explorer or Foxfire are potentially available to other users, but with Password Manager, login information and passwords are only available when the password storage database is unlocked by an authorized user. Password Manager allows you to travel anywhere and rely on its innovative technology, even in unsecured places like Internet cafes and other public areas. Password Manager has the capability of managing multiple passwords for a single website or application. Password Managers intelligent form filler will only auto fill your login information for sites it recognizes, protecting your highly confidential information from predator websites.

Seek Droid Helps You Find Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Seek Droid is a great mobile security app for people who don’t want or need a lot of bells and whistles.


Securely Store and Manage Passwords With Sticky Password

This utility is a powerful tool for organizing and securing passwords with excellent browser integration.

Keep on Top of Things With Notification Notes

Despite a few eccentricities, Notification Notes has some wonderful features.


Set Sail in Star Traders RPG for Android

A few writing blemishes aside, Star Traders RPG is an enjoyable strategy game with plenty of depth.


Keep Annoying Calls at Bay With Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup is your tool for dealing with unwanted calls.


Keep Your Math Skills Sharp With Math Scramble

This game is great for people who love math, but it can quickly get repetitive.


Be Creative Everywhere With Sketchbook Express

Turn your downtime into doodle time with this entertaining paint program.


SF Weather Helps Locals Keep on Top of Area Weather

For anyone living in San Francisco, SF Weather is the best way to find out about the regional climate.