Don't-Miss Software Stories

Skype turns the Internet into your own personal telephone line

This familiar software app offers a cheap way to make telephone calls.

Review: Multiplicity 2.0 handy in a multi-computer, multi-monitor setup

Control two PCs using one keyboard and mouse with the free version of Multiplicity 2.0 and up to nine PCs with the pay version.

Review: DayZ turns frustrating military game into top-notch survival horror

In this excellent free mod, Arma II becomes the underpinning for zombie apocalypse. Staying alive when surrounded by the undead has never been so painfully realistic.

Review: Military sim Arma II: Combined Operations is realistic, often frustrating

Combined Operations bundles several releases under a single title, including ARMA II and the standalone Operation Arrowhead expansion. Challenging partly by design and partly due to sluggish controls, ARMA II's biggest appeal is its moddability, which brings us survival horror DayZ.

Review: Dr. Fone brings iPhone files back from the dead

Dr. Fone offers an easy, but pricey, way to use your PC to recover files accidentally deleted from your iPhone or iPad. Its results aren't perfect, though.

Review: Dark Souls brings murderously hard gameplay to the PC

With a scary atmosphere and scarier difficulty, Dark Souls was a favorite PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game in 2011. Despite some issues with this year's PC port, the added extra content makes it the best edition of the game on the market.

Review: ShellNewHandler lets you clean up the file creation context menu

ShellNewHandler can remove extraneous entries from your Vista or Windows 7 file creation context menu. It's a free utility that can save you time and confusion.

Review: Amiga Forever makes retro gaming painless

Amiga Forever (available in $10 Value, $30 Plus, and $50 Premium editions) is an Amiga emulator that's much easier to use than average. The Plus edition's many games and game-related extras make it a satisfying trip down memory lane.

Review: Start8 beta gives Windows 8 a Start Menu

Stardock's Start8 addresses one of the major user complaints about Windows 8: the lack of a Start Menu. It works like a charm.

Review: Tweeki is a beautiful, mobile-like desktop client for Twitter

Tweeki is a simple Twitter client with a gorgeous yet simple interface. It has a few limitations, though, and it's best used on just one account.


Review: Bastion for Chrome plays just like the riveting original

Bastion for Chrome shows Native Client's bright future. It plays just like the original adventure RPG, which was one of the most lauded games of 2011 .

Halloween fonts that aren't afraid to say "Boo!"

Fonts for Halloween don't have to be sticky-sweet kiddy fare. Whether you need a scary sans serif or a vampire-slaying homage font, these sinister picks are just the thing for your All Hallows Eve party.

Ripbot264: Rip Blu-ray movies without filling your hard drive

Ripbot264 is a front end for free video tools. With it, you can transcode video without a lot of fuss (and without making massive files).