Don't-Miss Software Stories

Buffied: Take a stab at Halloween with this free font

Even if you've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffied is a delightfully shiver-inducing font. The letters are well-balanced, making them relatively easy to read for such a stylized font.

Halloween Spider: Spin your words wisely with this creepy font

TrueType font Halloween Spider, nicely designed by Claude, pairs bold uppercase glyphs with spiders that seem to walk across well-placed webs.

Autumn: This font will chill you to the bone

TrueType font Autumn is composed of crooked sticks intertwined to form glyphs. It includes all upper and lower case letters but no punctuation or numbers--and it's complex enough to look best at 60 points and bigger--so plan accordingly.

Add useful tools to your Skype desktop app with Pamela Professional

If you're a heavy user of Skype, or the owner of a small business, Pamela Professional a software app to get.

Trick or Treat: Deck the haunts with Halloween dingbats

The Trick or Treat 2.0 collection of graphics includes 26 distinct Halloween images, including bats, spiders, skulls, ghosts, witches, devils, candy, cats, owls, haunted houses, and an entire murder of crows.

Needleteeth Suite: Free Fonts With Halloween Bite

Razor-sharp TrueType outlines font collection from Chad Savage at Sinister Visions includes two variations, each in two alternating sizes: Regular, Psycho, Creepy, and Spooky.

Jalatext can navigate around a 16 gigabyte file with remarkable speed.

Jalatext: Utility to open and navigate immense files

Jalatext lets you open and navigate extremely large files. Although it works relatively well, at $30 it's pricey.

SlimCleaner 4.0: Slick system cleaning utilities with crowdsourced information

SlimCleaner is a comprehensive set of system cleaning utilities that also taps into an online database for information on programs.

SpringPublisher adds maps, templates, and QR codes to your printed materials

SpringPublisher lets you create letterheads and business cards with simple templates, including maps and QR codes.

Free Instagram Downloader: Save Your Instagram Snapshots Permanently

Free Instagram Downloader lives up to its name, offering a free and easy way to download full-resolution copies of your favorite Instagram snapshots.

6 killer utilities for redlining your gaming rig

To do your best at games, you need a PC in peak condition. These utilities—five free, one inexpensive—make your PC faster and more controllable for the most demanding games.

GS-Calc: A low-cost spreadsheet with a unique interface

GS-Calc continues to refine its niche as an inexpensive spreadsheet that's not an Excel clone. This version adds pivot table support and improves usability.

CloudMagic offers fast, accurate searches

The tool's speedy search is now available in more browsers and for more email accounts and social networks.