Don't-Miss Hard drive Stories

Western Digital My Book Live Packs Great Performance in a Single-Drive NAS

You get gobs of storage, great performance, and Internet access for not much cash--but no dual-drive redundancy, and no USB port for backup.

DcUpdater Keeps Many Popular Donationware Files Up-to-Date

Update the suite of DonationCoder apps within a single application.

G-Technology G-Drive Mobile 500GB

Designed specifically for your MacBook Pro, the triple interface G-Drive Mobile 500GB is a fast, stylish, Mac-friendly hard drive that should appeal to users of all stripes.


Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net: Dual-Drive Dock With USB and Social Media Ties

Drive dock optimized for--but not limited to--Seagate's GoFlex portable drives offers syncing software, direct hooks into social networks, and file sharing.

Share USB Storage Everywhere

It has never been easier--or cheaper--to access and share your files across your network and over the Internet, thanks to devices that use ordinary USB drives.

Cirago NUS1000 Network USB Storage Link: Inexpensive, but Media Serving Is Mixed

NAS-like device is good for sharing files stored on USB drives, but its media serving didn't always deliver on its promise.

Cloud Engines Pogoplug: Simple Wireless File Sharing With Plenty of USB Ports

Easy setup and smooth software make Internet sharing of USB storage devices a breeze.

Ctera Networks CloudPlug: Network Storage Sharing Device Offers Backup, Too

CloudPlug offers plenty of administration options and file sharing, but has pricey backup.

Seagate's 1.5TB GoFlex Portable Drive Packs Monster Storage Into a Small Space

This FreeAgent GoFlex is the first 1.5TB portable drive to market, but its performance in tests was a mixed bag.

A First Look at Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft has released a beta of the next version of Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7, and so far we like what we've seen.

Apricorn Aegis NetDock: An Affordable, Convenient Laptop Companion

This docking station is ideal for netbooks; it packs an optical drive and powered USB ports, and can come with an optional hard drive.

Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Drive Is Fast but Pricey

Western Digital VelociRaptor

Qnap NAS Delivers Blistering-Fast Performance

This network-attached storage box is the fastest we've ever tested--by a factor of two--and it packs features that will appeal to both home and office users. But the speed comes at a price.


ZumoDrive for Android provides a decent set of features to extend the functionality of this online backup and file-sharing service, but it lacks features found in the desktop client and Web interface.