Don't-Miss Hard drive Stories

Our Digital Demolition Videos: Burn, Hard Drive, Burn

Watch our Digital Demolition video team in action as they burn, spray, drop and bury electronics to see what happens.

Top Storage Devices in the PC World 100

We saw all kinds of roomy and speedy drives this year. Here are our top picks.

CMS Products V2 ABSPlus 1TB Backup Drive

This USB/e-SATA automated backup drive is fast, but its interface needs improvement.

Storage Appliance Clickfree Traveler (16GB) Backup Drive

This extremely lightweight, automatic-on insertion backup is nearly perfect for workers on the go.

HP SimpleSave Portable 320GB Backup Drive

This plug-and-play backup drive is convenient but not glitch-free.

Rebit 500 GB Appliance Backup Drive

Simple, effective real-time hardware backup relies on minimally intrusive software.

Storage Appliance Clickfree Backup Drive 1TB

This fast, capacious, easy-to-use automated backup drive has a few minor software issues.

Seagate Replica (500GB)

Specialized external hard drive offers automated set-and-forget backups.

Tough Tech: Rugged Gear That Can Survive Almost Any Calamity

Dropped your cell phone in the pool? Got caught in the rain with your laptop? Pushed your camera off of a ledge? These sturdy gadgets can survive all that and more.


Solid-State Drives Go Mainstream

Higher capacities, faster performance, and lower prices are helping solid-state drives become viable for everyday use.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2009 Suite Backup and Partition Software

The friendly Paragon suite offers all-in-one partitioning and image backup.

LaCie LaCinema Black Max Media Streaming Device

The LaCinema Black Max offers smooth streaming of video and audio, and has an attractive interface.


This Week's Best Tech Bargains

In the market for a Bluetooth headset? A new display? Or an MP3 player? We'll show you where to find the best deals.