Don't-Miss Tablet Stories

Tested: HP TouchPad Printing

HP promised easy printing with the HP TouchPad. We put the tablet through our tests to see how it handles output.

Vulkano Flow: A Capable Sub-$100 HDTV Place-Shifter With Direct-to-Mobile Recording, Too

For under $100, the latest addition to Monsoon Multimedia's line of place-shifting products lets you stream decent versions of live or recorded TV from your set-top box to any Internet-connected PC, Mac, or iPad, or to an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone smartphone.


Classroom Conundrum: Take One Tablet, One Laptop, or Both

For students, whether to choose a laptop or a tablet may not be obvious. But in some campus scenarios, one device may have an edge over the other.


HP TouchPad Tablet Isn't Ready for Prime Time

While HP's WebOS has some elegant features, the TouchPad needs some refinement.


HP TouchPad Review: Not Ready for the Tablet Big Leagues

The first WebOS tablet gets some things right, but stumbles more than it succeeds.

Tablet Showdown

We looked at the latest challengers to Appleā€™s iPad 2, and found some worthy contenders. Which tablet came out on top?


Apple iPad 2 Display Ranks the Best in Face-Off Against Android Hordes

Testing shows that the Apple iPad 2 surpasses other contenders in display quality, but it still has room for improvement.

10 Upcoming Android Devices We Just Can't Wait For

We use our time machine to take a look at upcoming Android devices.


The Tablet Specs That Matter

You want a tablet that's responsive and looks great. Here's how to find one.


Which Specs Deserve Your Respect?

When it comes to buying a new computer, printer, camera, HDTV, phone, tablet, or storage drive, there are some specs you can safely neglect. Here are the features to ignore, pay attention to in some contexts and actively seek out.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi: A Worthy Rival to the iPad 2

Samsung's new flagship tablet distinguishes itself with a svelte design and a bright, albeit oversaturated display.


Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Review: Innovative Design Makes This Tablet Stand Out

The first Android 3.0 tablet from Asus pairs with a keyboard dock to provide additional ports, battery life, and maximum file-handling flexibility.


First Impressions: Asus Transformer Tablet

The latest Android 3.0 tablet shows off an innovative design with its keyboard dock.