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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: A Promising Tablet, but With Many Rough Edges

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Kyocera Echo: The Phone That Wants to Be Your Tablet

The Echo attempts a bold design innovation, unfortunately the phone’s two screens don’t work together well enough to create something greater than the sum of the parts.


Acer's Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop

The Acer Iconia is a $1,200 all-purpose laptop that’s being marketed as a “touchbook” due to its dual 14” touchscreen displays.


Android Apps: 9 Best, Free Social Networking Choices

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Hands-On With Huawei's Value Tablet (Video)

Get an up-close look at Huawei's well-priced S7 Slim tablet, which was unveiled at CTIA in Orlando.


My $5.79 Clipboard/Paper/Ballpoint Ensemble Totally Rules

The question isn't tablet versus laptop. It's tablet versus laptop versus clipboard.


Samsung Touch Wiz UX For Honeycomb Tablets (Video)

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