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SXSW Festival: Top Five New Apps from Austin

The best apps I saw here are social, location-aware, useful and entertaining. And pretty geeky.

HP's TouchSmart 300: A Versatile All-in-One Media-Centric PC

HP's TouchSmart 300 All-in-One touchscreen PC has some very attractive features, including the company's TouchSmart software that provides full-screen widgets to access music, video, Netflix, Twitter, and other services.


PC World's Top Videos of 2009

Our most popular videos of the year included a look at The Sims 3 game, how to install Ubuntu Linux, and best YouTube friendly camcorders.

JooJoo Tablet Hands-On

Attractive and interesting, but not without its flaws--check out our hands-on impression of Fusion Garage's highly anticipated JooJoo tablet.


Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 gets the basics right. Here's what you need to know about the new OS.

Windows 7 Performance Tests

Windows 7 is efficient enough to run even on netbooks with puny processors, but it’s only marginally faster than Vista, according to PC World Test Center tests.

HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One PC Review

This third-generation TouchSmart PC is boosted by Windows 7's gesture support, but HP's custom multitouch software is even more impressive.

Windows 7: Can Your Netbook Handle It?

Thinking of upgrading your tiny portable to Windows 7? Microsoft promises that the new OS will run smoothly on netbooks. But is it really worth taking the plunge?


Windows 7: How We Test

Testing Windows performance isn’t rocket science. Here’s how the PC World Test Center compared Windows 7 and Vista.


Windows Is Easy to Install? Nonsense!

The easiest operating system to update is ... very surprising.


Snow Leopard Versus Windows 7

Neither Windows 7 or Snow Leopard try to reinvent the wheel, but both pack notable new features, large and small.

Windows 7: A Guided Tour of Its Security Improvements

PC World's "Uncle" Robert is a funny guy, but he takes a serious look at some of Window's 7's new system management and security tools.


Cancel Your Cable, Watch TV on an Xbox

Can one program installed on your PC beat cable providers at their own game? Read one man's personal quest to avoid a crummy digital upgrade box.