Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Windows 7 Security Features Get Tough

Windows 7 includes several new security features that are likely to convince even the most stubborn corporate client to upgrade.


The PC World Challenge: 72 Hours of Windows 7!

We challenged one blogger to make the switch: a full conversion from Windows Vista to Windows 7 for three days. From gaming, to business, to screwing around on the Internet: Did our intrepid upstart make it through until the bitter end? And what's up with that buffalo?


Vista SP2 Beta: More Efficient, But Not By Much

Vista Service Pack 2 Beta features tools and improvements designed to make Vista more efficient. We take a look at two of them.


Installing Vista SP2 Beta

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta is here. Are there any installation surprises you should know about?


New MacBook Pro Boot Camp Gaming Benchmarks

As expected, the new MacBook Pro's 9600M GT video processor does slightly better than expected boosting the system's real-world game performance.

DigiYumi: Commercial Wars

A review of Microsoft's commercial advertisements 'I'm a PC'.

A Tour of Windows 7 Beta

Senior editor Denny Arar takes a look at the beta version of Windows 7, and talks about interface changes, performance enhancements, and other new features.


Smackdown: Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista

Where Should You Spend Your OS Upgrade Money?


A PC with a Different Beat

An unusual PC case from Spotswood Custom Computers.

Windows on the Mac with Parallels 3.0

The new version is easier to use and plays PC games.


Should You Upgrade to Vista?

Consider these reasons why you might want to hold off.


Vista's Multimedia Features and Accessories

A look at Windows Media Center, Photo Gallery, and other Vista extras.