This device can receive the PCWorld Enhanced Edition as well as the PCWorld Replica Edition!

Pick one to get instructions for access. You can always come back to get the other version as well.

Enhanced Edition

We've designed the PCWorld Enhanced Edition to deliver the best possible experience of PCWorld magazine on your device, including optimized pages, multimedia, and support for HD displays of the newest devices.


  • Integrated video clips, sound bites, and other multimedia.
  • Swipe and slide through digitally remastered articles.
  • Customized device intuitive layouts.
  • High-resolution images.
  • Fully interactive table of contents URL and PCWorld find-product code supported.
  • Links to webpages, app reviews and product reviews.
  • Back issues are stored on your device for as long as you choose.
  • Bookmark articles.
  • Share content via Twitter and email.

Replica Edition

An exact replica of the PCWorld magazine!


  • Choose between landscape and portrait views.
  • Pinch and zoom your way through pages.
  • Timesaving tools that quickly take you right to the articles, features, and sections that are most important to you.
  • Quick hot links for easy navigation to content on the Web, advertisers' sites, and other articles throughout the issue.
  • Convenient features that allow you to search text, make highlights and annotations on articles, and share your issue with friends or colleagues at no additional cost.
  • Efficient, paperless storage of your archived issues on your PC for access at any time.