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Huawei Ascend P6 (2)

Superslim Huawei P6 smartphone looks great, but don't expect a U.S. launch

Huawei generated some buzz Tuesday with the announcement of the Ascend P6, which the company bills as the world's thinnest smartphone.


Samsung may introduce LTE Advanced version of Galaxy S4 in June

Samsung's lates variation of the Galaxy S4 will access the LTE Advanced network which (eventually) will deliver download speeds as high at 1 gbps.


US pulls ahead of Europe in next-gen mobile services

The next-generation European mobile market is lagging well behind the U.S., according to the GSMA industry organization, which represents worldwide operators and handset manufacturers.

How we tested the nation's networks

Our approach to testing wireless service has always been to closely replicate how people use wireless service in the real world, and then measure how well it really works. That’s why we do the testing ourselves.

What will T-Mobile announce next week?

The wireless carrier will probably formalize its plans to offer smartphones with no contract, possibly an iPhone, and announce new LTE service.


What's ahead for mobile: New OSes, cheaper 4G LTE, larger screens, and more

This year's MWC may have been lacking in high-end smartphone launches. But the "W" stands for "world," and lower-cost models shown this week are needed to open up the mobile-phone market to more people globally.

With spotty 4G service throughout Europe, EU offers funding for 5G

The European Union is "€œshooting itself in the foot" when it comes to the mobile industry, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner tells CEOs in Barcelona.

internet data

New Broadcom chip paves way for faster mobile data, voice over LTE

Broadcom claims that it has come up with the industry's smallest 4G LTE-Advanced modem for smartphones and tablets, dubbed the BCM21892.

Must-have accessories that should be in your laptop bag

What’s that Boy Scout motto again—“Be prepared”? Well, before you set off on that next business trip, make sure you have these things in your laptop bag so you can be prepared.

Sprint reportedly in talks to buy out Clearwire

Sprint Nextel is in negotiations to acquire the remainder of Clearwire, its 4G WiMax network partner, according to news reports.