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Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Cover makes the right compromises

Many iPad keyboard cases are big and bulky, and you have to take them with you even when you don’t need the physical keyboard. Logitech's Smart Cover-inspired Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is svelte enough that if you do serious typing on your iPad, you may actually want to carry it with you all the time.


New Plastic Mimics Skin's Ability to Bleed, Heal

When scratched or cracked, the plastic turns red at the damaged area and then heals when exposed to light or significant changes in ambient temperature or pH.


Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer: 3 Things to Know

Learn how to make your current battery last longer and shop smarter when the time comes to replace it.

BlackBerry Releases Mini Keyboard for PlayBook

The Mini Keyboard is 7.6 inches wide and includes a touchpad. It also comes with a carry case.


How to Protect Your Laptop

Follow our guide to safeguard your laptop, as well as the data that resides on it.

17 Brand-New Business Gadgets

Need a few tools to improve your productivity? Blow your company's tech budget on new gadgets that let you print from a pocket, spin an iPad in your hand, find your keys, and more.

iPad 2 Can Be Wirelessly Charged Using LaunchPort

Inductive charging technology had a big presence at the Consumer Electronics Show this month, and one product shown there can wirelessly charge an iPad 2.


HP Pays $425,000 to Settle Claims Over Hazardous Laptop Batteries

Hewlett-Packard will pay $425,000 to settle a claim that it knowingly sold laptops with hazardous batteries that could overheat or catch fire.

Top 5 Gaming Accessories from CES 2012

The best of the best new mice and keyboards, headsets and console controllers were on display in Las Vegas.

Lethal Protection Life-Phorm Pro Demo At CES 2012

The Life-Phorm Pro is a positioning device for smartphones, tablets and cameras that can change shape and cling to many different surfaces. Check out our hands-on demo from the show floor of CES 2012.