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Road warriors can find a selection of handy add-ons ranging from bags with built-in chargers to docking stations and tiny mice (or anti-mice).


Gadget Chargers at CES 2012: Never Look Up From Your Cellphone Again

As the tech world becomes increasingly mobile, companies want to make sure that your batteries never run out of juice.


Blue Microphones Unveils 3 New Mics

The Tiki, Mikey Digital and Spark Digital range in price from $59 to $199 and are perfect for people who don't want to settle for mediocre audio capture.

Tobii Eye-Tracking Demo At CES 2012

Tobii Technology has developed technology that allows you to control your laptop or other displays by moving your eyes. Check out video of the product in action at CES 2012 to see how it works.

Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Camera Lets You Monitor Your Home From Your Phone

This small, easy-to-use camera has corresponding Android and iOS apps so you can monitor your home or loved ones while on the go.


GoPano Micro Is a Panoramic Camera for the iPhone

GoPano Micro lets you shoot 360-Degree Video Panoramas With Your iPhone 4 or 4S.


Escort Live Social Network Protects You From Speed Traps

Escort's new social network crowd-sources speed trap information using radar detection.


The Buzz on Bluetooth: The Top Mono and Stereo Headsets, and Car Kits Too

We test the best Bluetooth products to pair with your phone, tablet, or media player--some of which come with nifty tools.

Cool Mobile Accessories to Add to Your Travel Toolkit

These chargers, cases, and other accessories for your smartphones and tablets can help make your trip a little smoother.

Buyer's Guide to iPad Cases

The sleek design of the iPad makes you want to show it off, but it’s still vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. Here’s a rundown of cases you can use to protect your device.