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25 Geeky Gifts for Cool Moms

Still searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here are a few geek-friendly gifts for all tastes and budgets, including binary-inspired jewelry, icon pillows and custom Jack Purcells.

White iPhone 4 is Thicker Than Black Model

The 0.2 millimeter difference is very small, but it's enough to give headaches to some users who would find their cases wouldn't fit on the white iPhone 4.


Green and High-Tech Vehicles Popular at NY Auto Show

At the New York International Auto Show, manufacturers from all over the world gathered to show off their new models and the latest in engine, energy, and telematics technology.


Three Laptop Parts You Can Replace Cheaply on eBay

Laptop repairs don't have to cost a fortune. Very often you can get parts for a fraction of what the manufacturer charges.

Asus Says Transformer Tablet, Notebook Sold Out in UK

Asus claims demand for its Transformer combo phone and laptop "has been far beyond expectations"


Improved Mouse Control for Users With Disabilities

Novel software makes fine control of a mouse much easier for users with motor control problems.

Use a Ring Flash for Better Close-Up Photography

An inexpensive flash adapter for your camera can give close-up photos more even, shadow-free lighting.


Iomega SuperHero Achieves Superhero-Size Syncing Feats

iPhone dock and sync station works wonders for syncing contacts and photos.


Essential Gear for Pajama-Clad Professionals

Do you work from home? Power-lunch in your pj's? These indispensable items will enhance your live-work environment.

Motorola Atrix 4G Review Roundup: The Critics Weigh In

Motorola's smartphone, the Atrix 4G, bills itself as a combo laptop-handset. But can it really replace your laptop? The critics weigh in.