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HP, Lenovo battle for top spot in PC market

Hewlett-Packard may be pushed aside by a quick-moving Lenovo as the top PC maker in the world, according to a pair of dueling reports from industry analysts.

Acer is latest PC maker to reveal its Windows 8 lineup

Acer on Thursday announced more notebook additions to its Windows 8 device lineup.


Acer Iconia W510: The cheapest Windows 8 tablet yet

The Iconia W510 has an iPad-matching price of $500


Windows 8 PCs hit Home Shopping Network early

The Home Shopping Network is selling unannounced Windows 8 systems from Gateway and Acer, weeks before the release of Microsoft's updated operating system.

Acer Still Supports Windows RT

Despite some online skirmishing and being dropped from Microsoft's partner list, Acer says it still expects to ship Windows RT devices.

Acer Does Not Expect 'Explosive Growth' for Windows 8 Later This Year

Acer's CEO suggests its plans for Windows RT devices could change because of the pricing of Microsoft's Surface tablet.

Why Acer Is Wrong About Microsoft Surface

Analysis: Everybody calls Microsoft a software company, but of course Microsoft makes hardware, too.

Acer May Abandon Windows if Microsoft Releases Windows 8 Surface Tablets

Acer is considering abandoning the manufacture of Windows hardware if Microsoft releases its Surface line of Windows 8 tablets.

Top Five Gaming Laptops Reviewed

These laptops are packed with raw power, eye-popping graphics performance, and sport muscle-car looks.

Acer TimelineUltra M5 Review: Big Screen, Few Pixels

This attractive 15.6-inch Ultrabook represents a downgrade from its predecessor in storage and performance.