Don't-Miss Stories

Israel Law Requires Magazines to Disclose Photoshopped Models

New legislation in Israel bans the use of malnourished models in ads and requires publications disclose any Photoshopping that has been done to make models look thinner.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta Previews New Features

The free Photoshop beta unveils a fully redesigned interface and brings fun tools such as iris blur and tilt shift.

Adobe Adds PayPal Express Checkout to FormsCentral

Adobe has teamed up with PayPal to allow customers to accept payments directly through FormsCentral forms.

Adobe Patches Flash Player for Second Time in 20 Days

Adobe today patched a pair of critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player and told IT administrators to apply the update within 30 days.

For Flash on Linux, There Are Open Player Alternatives

Adobe may be discontinuing its standalone Flash Player for Linux, but Gnash and Lightspark both offer an open source solution.

Adobe Reveals More CS6, Creative Cloud Details

Adobe will launch its Creative Cloud software-and-services bundle alongside Creative Suite 6 in the first half of the year.

For Flash on Linux, Chrome Will Be Users' Only Choice

Adobe's standalone Flash Player for Linux will be discontinued after version 1.2 later this year, the company has announced.

PhoneGap: Mobile Development Made Easy

Adobe PhoneGap taps basic Web development skills for mobile apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

No Flash for Chrome on Android, Adobe Says

Google missed the Flash boat, after Adobe announced it is abandoning development of Flash for mobile browsers.

Adobe Sets IE as Next Target in Flash Security Work

Adobe next plans to tackle Microsoft's Internet Explorer in its ongoing work to "sandbox" its popular Flash Player within browsers.