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Adobe Launches Sandboxed Flash Player for Firefox, Hopes for Fewer Exploits

Adobe has released a beta version of Flash Player for Firefox, which has better protection against vulnerability exploits because of a new sandboxed architecture.

Adobe Lightroom 3 Photo Editor & Organizer, $149 is selling Adobe's Lightroom 3 pro-level photo editor for half off the usual price, plus free shipping.

Digital Signatures Let You Ditch That Old Fax Machine

E-signatures are easier than ever to make, thanks to Adobe Reader and other services. Best of all, you can say farewell to that dusty fax machine forever.

Adobe Plugs 6 Critical Holes in Reader

Adobe said the six vulnerabilities could give hackers the openings necessary to hijack a computer or infect it with malware.

Five Tips For Your 2012 Social Media Strategy

If you run a business, it's time to plan your marketing strategy--and that means fully embracing social media.

PCWorld's Favorite Downloads of 2011

At the end of another year, PCWorld reviewers name downloads and Web programs we liked so much we just kept on using them.

Adobe Grudgingly Accepts HTML5

As Flash gives way to open technologies, Adobe is retooling to support the new reality for developers.

Adobe Promises Reader Zero-day Patch on Friday

Adobe plans to release a patch Friday for an older version of the Reader PDF viewer to stymie attacks.

Microsoft Ships Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 includes hardware decode of H.264 media, which improves performance with the decoding of unprotected content using the GPU.

Two Zero-day Vulnerabilities Found in Flash Player

Two newly discovered vulnerabilities in Adobe's Flash Player can be exploited to execute arbitrary code remotely.