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Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation

Touchscreen PCs have quietly arrived at a price most businesses can afford. Here's why your business should make the leap from the traditional desktop PC.

HP TouchSmart 620 Adds 3D to an All-in-One PC

HP's TouchSmart 620 3D Edition all-in-one PC boasts upgraded specs, a Blu-ray player, a TV tuner, and a sliding design that lets you use it as a massive tablet.


Acer Debuts Four New All-in-One PCs

Two of the new devices are consumer-orientated and feature multitouch displays.

Polywell AIO-H6100AA: All-in-One PC Is All Work, No Play

This all-in-one desktop delivers category-leading performance, but is saddled by lackluster entertainment options.

HP Announces Seven New All-in-One PCs

Hewlett-Packard said its new all-in-one rollout was the company's 'largest investment in the all-in-one desktop PC market to date.'

HP’s PC Business Spin-Off Could Benefit Consumers

If HP spins off its PC business into a separate company, the payoff for consumers could be big, but only if significant changes are made.

HP TouchSmart 310z All-in-One PC, $620

Get the 20-inch multitouch HP TouchSmart 310z all-in-one PC for only $620, with free shipping.

The Best New All-in-One Desktop PCs

The desktop PC has evolved, ditching boxy shells and rat’s nests of cabling in favor simple, attractive machines that are light on hassle.

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad All-in-One PC, $1300

HP is taking $300 off the price of its TouchSmart 610 Quad all-in-one PC, with free shipping.

The Laptop and Desktop Specs That Matter

Contrary to what you might think, speed isn't always the most important thing when you're buying a new computer.