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HP TouchSmart 310z All-in-One PC, $620

Get the 20-inch multitouch HP TouchSmart 310z all-in-one PC for only $620, with free shipping.

The Best New All-in-One Desktop PCs

The desktop PC has evolved, ditching boxy shells and rat’s nests of cabling in favor simple, attractive machines that are light on hassle.

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad All-in-One PC, $1300

HP is taking $300 off the price of its TouchSmart 610 Quad all-in-one PC, with free shipping.

The Laptop and Desktop Specs That Matter

Contrary to what you might think, speed isn't always the most important thing when you're buying a new computer.

Best Budget All-in-One PCs (Under 23 Inches)

With screen sizes ranging between 18 and 21.6 inches, these all-in-ones offer a complete PC package without cramping your desk--or your budget.

Sony VAIO VPC L218FX: An All-in-One Desktop That’s Made of Gold

You pay a pretty penny for near-perfection. Little about Sony’s VAIO VPC L218FX all-in-one is disappointing, save for its price.

HP Omni 200 Quad All-in-One PC, $850

HP is selling its brand-new Omni 200 Quad all-in-one PC for $850.

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad: Premium Performance at a Premium Price

Outstanding general performance and an excellent touchscreen help the TouchSmart 610 Quad stand out from the all-in-one crowd.

MSI Wind Top AE2050: Low-Cost All-in-One Falls Behind the Budget Pack

The MSI Wind Top AE2050 delivers compelling features, inexpensively. But several compromises keep it from surpassing its budget-priced peers.

HP Omni 200 Quad: Superspeedy, but Lacking Elsewhere

HP’s latest all-in-one desktop kicks performance into high gear--but where are all the fashionable features?