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Dell's Ubuntu Laptop Program Enters Beta, 'Blows Away' Expectations

Response to the company's developer-focused 'Project Sputnik' has been overwhelming, it says.

Tablets, Smartphones Still Hammering PC Market

Tablets and smartphones -- and users' infatuation with them -- continue to pummel the PC market.


Sony VAIO E15 Review: Stylish, Competent, State of the Mainstream Art

This is a stylish mainstream laptop with great specs, but oddly, no fast hard drive option.

Game On: 3 High-performance Laptops Duke It Out

Once the exclusive preserve of desktop computers or stationary gaming consoles, a new generation of notebooks is now offering enough speed and power to satisfy the inner gamer in all of us.

Apple iOS 6 Rumored to Include Podcasts App

Getting its own turf will likely be a boon to both the people who consume Podcasts, as well as those who broadcast them.


Retina MacBook vs. PC Laptops: Battle Begins

Will the new Retina MacBook Pro rain on the PC laptop parade or inspire another flood of PC notebook clones?

Lenovo Launches No-contract Mobile Broadband for Select ThinkPad Laptops

Select ThinkPad notebooks built with a 3G module inside now have access to a new no-contract mobile broadband service offered by Lenovo.

Windows 8 Puts End to Endless Reboots

Microsoft yesterday promised that a feature it's added to Windows 8 will put a stop to endless reboots.


Microsoft Renews Free Xbox 360 with Purchase of Windows PC Deal

Microsoft is repeating its buy a Windows PC and get a free Xbox game console deal it offered last fall for students.

AMD's Trinity Processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

How do AMD's next-generation A-Series processors match up against Intel's latest Ivy Bridge chips?