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Dell Inspiron 14z Laptop Plus Adobe Software, $480

Dell Online is selling its Inspiron 14z laptop for $480--and throwing in Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere for free.

New From HP: Stylish Ultrabooks and a Wafer-Thin 'Sleekbook'

HP's summer newcomers will include a high-end Ultrabook, a low-cost Envy, an ultrathin Sleekbook, and a business EliteBook.

New from Dell: an Ubuntu Linux Laptop Targeting Developers

Canonical's free OS will also ship on five percent of PCs next year, according to one report.

Dell XPS 13: Gray With MacBook Air Envy

The XPS 13 is a fine, well-made, durable-seeming laptop with some style, but some people may prefer to spend their money on a faster processor and a lot more storage.

iPad Impact on Apple Laptop Sales Revisited

The question -- whether the company's tablet cannibalizes sales of its own portable computing line -- is impossible to answer: One can't look into a counter-factual crystal ball to view an alternate universe without the iPad.

Consumer Electronics Glass Innovation to Transform Industry

Hundreds are working on the coming glass revolution, four companies and one university have announced serious breakthroughs, shattering old ideas about what's possible with glass.

New Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Will Ditch The Classic Keyboard

The traditional ThinkPad keyboard earned its reputation as being best for typing accuracy and comfort. Now a new contender is taking its place.

Laptops With AMD's 'Trinity' Chips Coming This Quarter

Consumer laptops and desktops will go on sale this quarter and do battle with Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs.

Hospitals Seeing More Patient Data Breaches

More of those problems are originating from laptops and mobile devices rather than a human slip-up in handling paper documents.

Dell Latitude XT3 Review: This Convertible PC Is All Business

The pricey and heavy XT3 rugged laptop fits best in select corporate markets.