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Windows Tablets: Is Microsoft Being a Control Freak?

Microsoft reportedly is asking each chipmaker to partner with a single computer maker on the next generation of Windows-based tablets.


Asus EeePC 1215B: Netbook or Ultraportable?

This laptop is sold as a netbook, but matches up well with mainstream ultraportables in all but performance.

CEO Payday: What Tech's Top Execs Raked In For 2010

Bonuses, equity awards and perks add up to big pay packages for tech CEOs.

Gateway NV51B05u: Poor Numbers, Good Value

A low price and excellent 1080p video playback counterbalance this Fusion-based laptop's overall weak performance.

Can AMD Ever Beat Intel?

AMD’s processors are often a bargain, but can it once again make a processor that is flat-out better than Intel’s? Will the Athlon vs. Pentium days ever return?

Acer Aspire One 7552G-6436: Portable, Not Powerful

This Acer seems to favor mobility over performance--a design preference we’re not used to seeing in desktop replacement laptops.

Why AMD's New Llano Processor is a Big Deal

AMD catches up with Intel on the microprocessor front with its 32-nm Llano processor. It also gives laptop users a reasons to look for Llano systems.


AMD Takes On Budget Desktops with Quad-Core Llano

AMD announced its new Llano processors--packing quad-core power and Radeon graphics into a single, budget processor prime for entry-level PCs.

AMD Closes in on Intel With Move to 32nm Chips

Intel may have released 32-nanometer chips first, but rival Advanced Micro Devices has followed suit and is looking to make up some ground.

AMD Expects Llano-Powered Laptops in Second Quarter

AMD's next-generation chip, which combines a CPU and graphics processor for better performance, improved graphics handling and greater power efficiency, has started shipping.