Don't-Miss Stories

AMD's Fusion Packs More Graphics Punch in Netbooks

AMD says its Fusion architecture alone can do a lot of heavy-lifting that only expensive CPUs and standalone video cards could do before.

Beware the Marketing Department’s Re-branding Efforts

Intel, AMD, and Nvidia’s latest laptop chips are great, but are muddled with marketing terms that seem almost designed to confuse customers.

HP Pavilion dm1z: AMD’s Fusion Processor Offers a Lot of Bang for the Buck

Straddling the line between netbook and ultraportable laptop, the dm1z offers a lot of value for its $450 starting price.

HP Envy 17 3D: 3D Movies on the Go

HP brings stereoscopic 3D to the Envy 17 laptop, offering an excellent 3D experience with Blu-ray movies. Gaming in 3D needs work, however.

AMD Could Better Fight Intel With New CEO

With its CEO gone, chip maker AMD has a chance to reinvigorate the company and start beating rival Intel on some new products.

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer Resigns

Thomas Seifert, Senior VP and CFO, to replace Meyer as interim CEO.

How Desktop PCs Got Their Groove Back

Technology announced this week at CES breathes new life Into the desktop PC.

The CES Laptop Rush: Scores of New Models But Few New Designs

New chips from Intel and AMD are popping up in CES notebooks, but the eye candy factor for these laptops lags behind.

VIA Goes Dual-Core With the Nano X2 Chip

VIA brings its first dual-core chip to the market. Although it's easily outflanked by Intel and AMD offerings, business users may find much to admire in the Nano X2.

AMD Finally Ships Fusion Processors

Low-power E-Series and C-Series chips combine CPU and GPU to power thin and light laptops and netbooks.