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amd feldman 64bit

AMD debuts first ARM processor

Samples of the Opteron four- and eight-core, 64-bit A1100 Series ARM processors will ship to AMD partners this quarter.

opteron 6300

AMD slows new Opteron 6300 chips to match workloads

AMDs new Opteron 6300 processors have a slower clock speed to reduce power consumption.

AMD's console business pays off handsomely and profitably

AMD reported a second successive quarter of profits that easily beat analyst expectations, based on a strong game-console business.

amd kaveri prices

AMD ships Kaveri, seeks apps partners for even more improvements

AMD ships the "Kaveri" architecture the company announced at last week's CES, though Tuesday's release is only for desktop PCs.

amd ces 2014 3

AMD prototype PC could be mistaken for an envelope

PCs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but it still comes as a surprise when a company introduces one that's as unobtrusive as this prototype PC from AMD.

AMD shifts gaming rig focus from discrete CPUs to APUs with integrated graphics

AMD will bring integrated graphics processors in chips to gaming rigs

amd kaveri hero

AMD's Kaveri chips bring computing, graphics closer in function and name

AMD announces that its "Kaveri" CPUs with integrated graphics are now available for pre-order. But AMD execs also say computing and graphics are blurring into one another.

Lenovo mobile products CES

Lenovo's mobile CES portfolio: A new ThinkPad X1 Carbon, fresh convertibles, and tablets

Plenty of business and consumer computers in the lineup, including an all-new Yoga 2.

top10pcs primary

The best Ultrabooks, hybrids, tablets, and desktop PCs of 2013

We name the best mobile and desktop computers that shipped this year.

raptr big

AMD plans loyalty giveaway program for Raptr game optimization app

AMD and Raptr plan to give away goodies for those who use the Raptr hardware optimization app.